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Introduction to DSNR MAG™


For people who's been invested in Designed By: Pauly Steez since its beginnings, you can recall an online blog and magazine I created called DSNR MAG. The purpose of the online blog was to communicate with viewers and customers: my thoughts, experiences, and creative endeavors. Articles mainly consisted of lookbooks, artist profiles, and announcements about what my brand had in store for the future. After a small break to rebrand DSNBYPS, and make sure everything lined up, I am now re-introducing DSNR MAG to the public. One thing that will change about DSNR MAG, is the point of view readers observed while checking out the articles. I plan on becoming more personal through this blog space while expressing my intentions and inspirations through each project. The Blogs should be expected to contain uncensored language and not have a professional tone. In turn, I hope to connect with more people through my brand with this blog to build everlasting relationships. 

- Pauly Steez