Recently, I've been experimenting with different art forms, that's in sync with my mood or interest at the moment. While sitting in World Politics class (obviously bored), I pulled up Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator and started crafting. What I came up with, is a new idea, and art form for me, and I've titled it "Trust Your King". Trusting your king, can mean a variety of things. It can mean trusting your God, trusting your guardian or someone you look up to most. But most importantly, trusting your king means, to trust yourself. We should be our own kings and queens, ruling our lives in the way we want, with regal style. That was the inspiration behind this piece. Over the years, and through my art journey, I've learned to trust myself and my ideas more.

Trust your king.jpg

PROCESS: I took elements that I thought were visually pleasing: Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" Album Cover, Basquiat's infamous crown, the wave by Hokusai, to name a few. The imagery were meant to be rough, and Basquiat-styled, with it's take on fusing art & text into one piece. I've also released prints of the graphic art, and t-shirts to celebrate this new form of thought the brand is undertaking. I will be producing a full acrylic painting of this piece, and putting it up for sale in the future. It will be my first painting piece to be put on the site for $1,000. 

-Pauly Steez