Here at DSNBYPS CREATIVE STUDIO, I'm often inspired by my peers and counterparts who are creating their own legacy within their means. Rappers, poets, painters, photographers; we're all artists with the goals of amazing the world. With that being said, I was able to catch up with the rising star, Jalen Quinn, fresh off the release of his highly anticipated album, With No Help From You. We linked up in Lafayette, La during a Moodforever video shoot, and got some dope visuals in, as well as a mini-interview. Here's The Content:




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Pauly Steez: Talk about the inspiration behind your latest project, With No Help From You.

Jalen Quinn: Basically the inspiration is, anything you want done, you're gonna do it yourself. If you really want it done, you're not gonna wait on anybody. Just like you got "Pauly Steez" going, like right there that's your name, you're doing it yourself with no help from anybody. I'm trying to push the independent thing, just showing people it's possible. 

Pauly Steez: do you have Any musical influences on this project? Like anyone you tapped into mentally or sound wise?

Jalen Quinn: I got a couple different mentalities fasho. I been following a lot of people over the past year that's just been independent. I'm really into G Herbo, right now. We don't really sound similar, but I fuck with how he moves. I had a of couple names, but basically anybody that's independent & that's on the rise. 

Pauly Steez: Explain the creative process behind the project. I know we spoke about mentalities, but for instance, Kanye West would go to a remote location for months to create an album. So what was your creative process like?

Jalen Quinn: My best shit I make alone. It be late at night. Usually overnight. I do everything at home, so at the end of the day, after shit gets taken care of, I just go separate myself.

Pauly Steez: Anything you learned about yourself from this album?

Jalen Quinn: I need to work on my work ethic and I gotta find a balance between the music, and my other career, barbering. It's like I be all over the place, I gotta find that balance. 

Pauly Steez: Man I forgot you cut, you in a shop out there?

Jalen Quinn: Man I was, but I took a shot on myself son, just to get closer to music. 

Pauly Steez: Shit man I feel that. So who's featured on the project and why did you choose them?

Jalen Quinn: Shit, Fade and Chrissa. Cuz, since I started taking this shit serious, idk we all got the same vision. And them boys have my back. And people would think Fade my manager, the way he be pushing me. 

Pauly Steez: Dope man, them boys can turn up a track right quick. Well man, I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to do this exclusive interview, and I will continue to post the streaming links on this article for the people to stream your project. Salute.